Quirky Gifts

  • These products really do sell
  • Excellent profit margins
  • Drive up your customer spend by $4-$5
  • They're different to everything else
  • The stands are colourful & present well
  • Price point drives impulse buying
  • They put customers in a good mood
  • Stands are thin & require minimal floor space
  • Range is continually being updated
  • Fast & reliable product supply

Quirky Gift Products

We are a wholly owned and operated Australian company producing uniquely Australian products.  All our ranges are produced in Australia.  We design, manufacture and distribute our own product ranges.

Quirky New Designs

Thorough analysis of sales across Australia is used to identify buying trends - and those buying trends are then applied to new designs. Our designs are successful because we focus on producing what your customers what.

Quirky Product Quality

Product quality is excellent. We do not simply source products - we directly control the manufacture process and accept only the highest production standard.

Quirky Gift Supply

We know that reliable, consistent supply is critically important to gift retailers. We therefore hold substantial product supplies in our warehouse ready for shipment. In our many years of operation we have never had to back-order to supply customers.

Quirky Product Range

We have three Quirky product lines on the market at the moment:

Please view our extensive product range to see which of our unique products best suit you.