Quirky Product Range

We have four Quirky product lines on the market at the moment:



Each of our product ranges are supplied with display stands (either a counter or floor stand configuration).  Ask us about a special introductory offer for new stockists.
There is an extensive range of fridge magnets available to meet the needs of your customers.  Our range is comprised of Humorous, Inspirational, Tourist and Memorable quotes magnets.
The Magnetic Photo Frames range is the latest addition to our catalogue of products. There is sure to be a frame here to appeal to everyone.
Quirky Door Hangers will be the perfect addition to your store.  These products are both bright and funny - Your customers won't be able to resist them!
Our Car Sticker range is a recent addition. They are the ideal accompaniment to our other product ranges.  Clever little sayings that will remind you of someone you know!
New product lines will be added to the Quirky range as part of the on-going process of building a broader range of product offerings to gift retailers.
Look out for our new frames and bookmarks later this year!

Quirky Presentation Stands

Fridge Magnet Floor Stand
165cm x 30cm x 30cm

Fridge Magnet Counter Stand
65cm x 30cm x 30cm

Door Hanger Floor Stand
180cm x 22cm x 22cm

Door Hanger Counter Stand
75cm x 22cm x 22cm

Car Sticker Floor Stand
180cm x 22cm x 22cm

Car Sticker Counter Stand
48cm x 22cm x 22cm

Shelf Stand
(Limited Qty Available - Suitable for Fridge Magnets, Magnetic Photo Frames, Door Hangers or Car Stickers)
60cm x 30cm (high)